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Points of Improvement

I would like to focus on improving in a lot of areas this year. This goes beyond writing too. I think it's important that people continue to educate themselves if they want to be better at their craft/career. Maybe that's the educator in me talking.

This year there are several focuses I'd like to work on in writing.

  1. Characters

  2. Descriptions

  3. Story structure

I'm pants when it comes to characters. I never get them down until about draft three and even then they aren't very good. They can be a little boring. This will definitely be a problem when I finally get around to publishing. No one wants to follow the story of boring people. So, I need to make them more exciting and believable. Going people watching would be a blessing right now but I think I'll have to watch people's vlogs on YouTube or something. Though, how many of those people are honest with who they are? Probably not many.

Descriptions are another place where I'm lacking. I have a few exercises to help me with that. One a fellow writer helped me with but I think I'm going to start adding that to one of my weekly exercises. It would be a good pre-writing exercise too. So that's something I'm going to try. Basically, I take an image of a setting or an object and describe it for the next ten minutes. Easy peasy.

With story structure I'll be doing a lot of reading. I've read Save the Cat! Writes a Novel and it messed me a up a lot. Thankfully, I figured out how to add it to my edits and revisions. That is the only way I'll be using it. Outlining and planning with the beats just doesn't work for me. Anyway, I have books I 'm going to read to help me understand story structure.

That's all with writing. Now comes other things.


Yes, I want to improve my minimal art skills. I've gotten into art last year and I would like to continue to grow and improve.

At the moment I'm doing working on drawing portraits and I'm not doing well. Though my biggest goal is to not draw them well as much as it is to be more comfortable with the idea of drawing portraits. For the longest time, drawing people scared me. So I want to get better at that. I'll probably end up posting my art studies on my blog since it's part of my journey in 2021.

Another thing I'd like to improve on is digital art. That fish above is something I drew digitally. I'm using it as my little marking point. This is my beginner level skill. I know there's a lot that I need to improve on. I barely know how to work the program I'm using so that's another thing I need to figure out.

Thankfully, with art, I have a way I can practice without being such a perfectionist. A few writing friends and I have decided to join Sketch-A-Day which is an app-based art community. It houses people of all range of skills. The whole point is to sketch the prompt they give. It's been great to use.

There are other things I'd like to improve on, like posting consistently on social media but I'm working on it slowly. For now, I'll just work on showing up.


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