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WriYe Goals

Updated: Jan 6

Last year, I didn't blog or send newsletters at all. I don't really have an excuse other than it was my last priority. My focus was mainly on revising Survival Agreement, the first novella in the District Pluto series. Eventually, I burned myself out with that project since that was all I focused on. This year, I'm hoping to change some of that.

I'm going to do the WriYe Blogging Circle this year (which is the whole point of this post). For those who don't know what WriYe is, it's a fabulous writing community. The people there are amazing and you should check it out.

Here are January's questions:

What’s your WriYe Word Count goal for 2021? Why did you chose it?

My WriYe word count goal is 300,000 words. It's a manageable amount of words to writing in a year since my focus is mostly on revising.

What are your writing/editing plans for the year?

I working on editing Hourglass (temp title) to the final stages. Though, I'm not going to rush it. I think that's where my problem is half the time. I always try to bulldoze through projects instead of take my time and learn something.

Bonus: What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

All of the projects I have going for me. It's not just writing but I have some art and cartography projects that I'm working on. I've decided to work on several creative projects so I won't burn out working on just one. I'm working on Sketch-a-day, which is an app that has a drawing prompt everyday. The community is pretty nice and there are quite a few people on WriYe who are participating.

Though, I'm just looking forward to moving onto a new year. A lot happened in 2020, and I'm hoping that 2021 will be a bit more calm.


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