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[Mythos: pt.1] Getting Started

This is random but enjoy some practice digital art

Mythos (temp title) is a novella series I'm going to work on throughout the year of 2021. It's a Gaslamp Fantasy/Horror series I came up with years ago. I'm hoping to take it pretty far this year.

I've been trying to figure out something for this novella series and while it's coming to me easily but I'm struggling with writing it and outlining it. That could mean that I don't have enough background information or worldbuilding that I need.

Thankfully, the writing community I'm a part of does these things called Planning Parties and they have a ton of questions I can work with when I'm stuck (which is often) so I'm going to work on that. I could take it through Holly Lisle's How to Write A Series (HTWAS) course, which I have. I think that could be helpful as well. I actually took that course when I was planning out the District Pluto series and it helped me lay out a lot of the foundation. So maybe I'll give that a try.

I do want to focus on building up my characters so they're actually good in the first draft. This is one of my few character-driven series that I have. I usually try to aim for a good balance but I lean a little heavy on the plot-driven stories. They are my favorite to read but I know where I'm weak. These would work really well as character-driven stories.

Eventually, I'll have a map drawn out for this series since it mostly takes place in a city (unnamed so far) and it would be good practice for me. I've never made a city map before so that's exciting. I'm also going to draw a world map for myself to use as a reference. If I get around to it, I'll add it to my website but right now I'm going to focus on planning first.

Anyway, right now I need to focus on planning it out. I have some information but not a lot. It will probably be good for me to flesh this out really well but I have to settle on the first story. Once I have the first story I can figure out the rest.

I started looking up Public Domain stories so I can use them without much issue, and I already have a list. I do have an idea of the villain, her backstory, and when she takes a more active role in the story.

It's hard to say when I'll actually get started on writing this story. I'll have to outline it before I even start it but I'm hoping to get working on it mid-February. Once I'm in the drafting phase, I'll be able to work faster.

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