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[Hourglass] Revisions pt. 2

And here we are again with the second update on revisions. I'm currently working on the second lesson, Promises, on How to Revise Your Novel (HTRYN). And it's going horribly. Mostly because all I can see are the things I need to change and I'm struggling with focus.

While I agree with most of this lesson, there are things that I feel like are unnecessary which is something I feel during most writing courses or writing advice people give. I've learned the hard way that there will be methods that don't work for me. I've learned to pick and tweak things so it fits with my process.

I remember going through this lesson the first time and taking a lot of value from it but I think I've refined it down to my own methods so I've changed it up a bit to make it work best for me. It's a great lesson and it brings important things to life though there are things that I don't feel like I can do.

One of the questions is about characters and why readers should care about the characters in the story. I feel like that's pretty subjective since everyone connects to characters differently. I know why I should care about the character and why they're important for the story but it's not how everyone is going to see them. Some people will care more about the character more than others. That doesn't make the character less important to the story.

Well, that's how I see it anyway.

Anyway, I keep wanting to skip this part of the lesson because...holy shit, it's boring and tedious. I was pretty conscious about the promises I wrote in the story but I do see what I need to work on. I'm not going to skip the lesson because I know it's a good one but I know I'm going to rewrite most of it so a lot of this stuff won't be in there. I'm going to focus on the things that I know I'm keeping. It will make the process go by faster and I won't feel like I'm wasting my time. Though, I always keep this lesson in the back of my mind when I edit later on.

If that doesn't work, combining lessons 1 and 2 would help. Though, if it was my first time going through this course (which it isn't) then I think powering through would be the best thing.

But now that I'm done with that, I'm going to lesson 3.


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