An Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction Writer

Tracey prefers fictional worlds to the one she lives in - sometimes. Maybe not the worlds she builds in her stories as they are dark, dangerous, and sometimes just a little weird. 

She's a writer of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and helps other authors build worlds through cartography (maps). 

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Need a map for your book?

Tracey has been drawing maps for years and decide it was time to share it with others. 


Mid-2021, she is opening up a cartography service for those in need of a map for their books or website. Maps are offered digitally for fast and easy delivery, and different packages will be available to suit your needs.

For more information, please contact her via the form on the contact page. If you're interested in seeing some of her maps, check out her Instagram where she posts about Cartography on occasional Tuesdays. 

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